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September 22, 2015                                                                                                                            


Prince George’s County, Maryland Native, Charis Jones Debuts New Album

Introducing Ms. Jones Brings a Refreshing Soulful Sound to the Masses 


Temple Hills, MD - JC1VOICE Entertainment proudly announces the release of Introducing Miss Jones, the debut album featuring the vocal virtuoso Charis Jones. CEO and Founder of JC1VOICE, Ms. Jones spent five years perfecting each one of the songs on the album, striking a careful balance between soulful and sexy. The debut project is now available with global digital distribution for purchase via Itunes, Amazon, Google Play, SoundCloud, CD Baby, and Spotify. It is also available at


Songs on the project include a mixture of pop, soul, as well as a very personal gospel-inspired dedication to a dear and departed loved one. Jones’s vocal style mixes, influences reminiscent of Jazmine Sullivan, Tweet and Chaka Khan. Her harmonic combinations have roots of jazz, Neo soul and R&B. Known for her multi-genre infused vocals; she has been gently described as a musical jukebox.


Ms. Jones is a native of the Washington, DC metropolitan area, and is a highly sought after local talent. Ms. Jones has performed the National Anthem at The Verizon Center for the Women’s National Basketball Association at the Washington Mystics opening game, and has been the featured concert artist at Takoma Station Lounge, Pure Lounge and Bohemian Caverns. She also has performed at Colony South in Maryland, for numerous weddings and as the headliner for the Macy’s Shop for A Cause Event at Bowie Town Center, and at the Make a Wish Foundation Mid-Atlantic Fundraiser at the Greensboro Pop-Up Park in Tysons Corner, Virginia.


Ms. Jones’s music was developed and nurtured while attending undergraduate school at Drexel University. While living in Philadelphia, she performed at Warmdaddy’s, Reuben’s Marc, LaRose, Marathon Grill and World Cafe Live. She has frequently performed at local night clubs accompanied by a live band, providing audiences with a lively and rich vocal experience. Since receiving her graduate degree in 2010 from Drexel, she has followed her musical passions.


As a prolific songwriter and songstress, Ms. Jones crafts her own lyrics and poetry excerpted from her life experiences, imagination and humor. Charis embodies the essence of a true survivor, as she was displaced and lost everything in 2005 from her beloved school, Xavier University of Louisiana due to Hurricane Katrina. Her displacement landed her at Drexel, where disappointment turned the corner to opportunity. This, along with other tragedies, has paved the way for many triumphs throughout her life allowing her songs to be relatable to the masses.


Ms. Jones is a voice that the entire world needs to hear! As soon as you hear her, you too, will fall in love and agree! Allow us to introduce you to Miss Charis Jones. You may also watch her first music video of her hit song You’re My Baby and SOT at  


You can connect with Charis via Instagram, Twitter, Periscope and Facebook using her handle @CharisReese.          




Charis Jones Sang the National Anthem for the Washington Mystics


Local DMV Singer Charis Jones was given the honor to christen the Mystics Women's Basketball Game by singing her melodic version of the National Anthem on Friday, May 30, 2014. 


Go to: Charis Sings Anthem

Charis Jones sits down with Local Artist and Blogger Shannon Scates of


W&I: What INSPIRED you?

Charis: My biggest inspiration to do what I do comes from two separate events. The first event was Hurricane Katrina. The second event pertains to my passion and need for singing. When I was born, the umbilical cord was wrapped tightly around my neck, distorting my speech.


W&I: What keeps you WIRED?

Charis: My grandma keeps me motivated. She is 95 years old and has always been sweet, caring and determined. She has never looked down on me for anything and she always encourages me when I lack courage.


W&I: How do you hope to inspire others?
Charis: I hope to inspire people by the truthfulness of my life experiences and personality. I have gone through so much and want to share it with others. These things include being raised in a single household, balancing and redeveloping my relationship with my mom, not being the most liked or popular kid in elementary or middle school, the idiosyncrasies of becoming an adult or feeling like I've hit a brick wall when I was 25.


W&I: Words of wisdom?

Charis: Don't be afraid to have your own sound and mind. Try to never compare yourself to others and always strive for excellence. Ask for discerning guidance and follow it. Be a help to someone else.