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Many folks have asked me what I intend to do following graduation, and here is where you all come in. It has been 2 years in the making for the sophomore album, Unstoppable! I've been funding everything independently.  Yet, I now need your help to ensure the final touches are completed.

Kickstarter Campaign


Campaign Explained

Charis needs your help, as she is on a mission to bring back live instrumentation to R&B Records and Music. Here is what she will use the funding to complete: mixing and mastering the 12 songs on the album,  shooting and distributing 3 -4 music videos which will coincide as singles from the album,  pressing of CDs and Vinyl albums,  1 photoshoot for the album, a listening party in LA and DC, promotion for the Album, and support for 1 live concert following the release of the album. The targeted date for release of the album is on May 3, 2023 which will be on Charis' 37th Birthday.  You will notice via the rewards that 37 is a special number for this campaign. So please donate, thank you!

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